Bookmas! with Cliff Burns


Bookmas: when all gifts may double as table stabilizers.

Today’s not-so-secret BookSanta: Cliff Burns!

Cliff BurnsCliff Burns has been an independent author and publisher for nearly 30 years. He has written a number of novels and short story collections, including The Reality Machine, So Dark the Night, The Last Hunt, and the re-released Sex & Other Acts of the Imagination, a collection about which Canadian literary icon Timothy Findley9 raved, “This is a book of hot dreams and frozen nightmares. It floats on a plane few writers achieve, where the imagery is raw but the insights are tender. The people in these stories will stay with me for a long time to come.” Over the past three decades, Burns’ tales have appeared in anthologies and publications around the world.

Aliens in the Prime of Their LivesWhat 2014-published fiction would you recommend?

What 2014-published non-fiction would you recommend?

What one 2014-published book do you believe needs more love?

David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks

What book that you’ve read in 2014 (not necessarily a 2014 book) would you recommend?

Anthony Beevor, The Second World War

Berlin NoirWhat ongoing series of books would you recommend?

Philip Kerr, “Bernie Gunther” detective series

What author would you recommend?

James Crumley

What’s the one book you’ve read in your lifetime that you think everyone should read?

Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers

Let’s go specific: what books would you recommend for

If, god forbid, people couldn’t find any of your books, who else would you suggest they seek out for a similar literary fix?

Return to the troubadours: the music of Pere Ubu, Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Tom Waits, Hayes Carll, Steve Earle.

Monty PythonWhat would you recommend for the holidays in a non-literary context?

I think holidays and I think laughter. I think laughter and I think: