BookExpo Canada 2008

Ah, Book­Ex­po, my Dis­ney World of lit­er­ary dreams, with the same long lines, the same swel­ter­ing heat, and the same roller coasters…wait, no roller coast­ers, but free beer, which can approx­i­mate the expe­ri­ence hand­i­ly enough.
The big mug you see here is myself, at the front of the line­up of rav­en­ous hordes who await­ed patient­ly to feast upon their favourite authors and free swag.

Here’s myself (on the left — no, your left) with ECW Press’ David Caron, and my mag­nif­i­cent Gold Medal for Best Pop­u­lar Fic­tion Nov­el at this year’s Inde­pen­dent Pub­lish­er Book Awards. I wore it around all day, and despite the neck cramps and chaffing, it was so worth it.

Myself and bestest bud for­ev­er Andrew Pyper (The Killing Cir­cle, Lost Girls). A lit­tle hint for those who’ve nev­er met me: if you want to imme­di­ate­ly gain my trust, affec­tion, and pin num­ber, when we meet for the first time, utter the phrase, “Corey Redekop? Hey, I liked your nov­el!” Man, it gets me every time.

Cana­di­an crime nov­el­ist Peter Robin­son (All the Colours of Dark­ness).

Cana­di­an wun­derkind Nathan Whit­lock (A Week of This).

James W. Nichol (Trans­gres­sions).

Paul Quar­ring­ton (The Ravine, Galve­ston, Whale Music, King Leary, and a ter­rif­ic blurb on my nov­el).

Quentin Jar­dine (After­shock).

Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes).

It was the end of the day, I was exhaust­ed, and what­ev­er this thing was it spoke to me.