Shelf Monkey

Shelf Monkey

“What a literate, witty, suspenseful alternate world Corey Redekop’s created. I’m not so sure I want to be rescued from it!” Eric McCormack, author, First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women

“A playful — yet very serious — ode to bibliophilia. Corey Redekop writes with energy and imagination, deft little jabs that go straight to the solar plexus.” Paul Quarrington, author, Whale Music

“Shelf Monkey is a literary thriller but it’s also a fun romp – unless, presumably, you’re an Oprah fan. But if so, you’re not Redekop’s imagined audience. His ideal reader knows this book is blackly, blackly funny because it’s all too true.” Peter Darbyshire, author, The Warhol Gang

“Corey Redekop provided this year’s gonzo fun with his Shelf Monkey, an utterly enjoyable novel about radical bookworms.” Jeff Vandermeer, author, City of Saints and Madmen, Finch

“The surprises are worth the price of admission. There is a good bit of social satire, and the characters are exceptionally well drawn. Highly recommended.” Nick DiChario, author, A Small and Remarkable Life

“What is most praiseworthy about Shelf Monkey is its tone, which is blackly comic, and not afraid to get its hands dirty … bracing and edgy and skirts the line of cruelty without ever quite tripping over it … Redekop plays with this tension nicely throughout the novel, providing a critique of a literary culture that prizes shallowness and false sentiment over an authentic engagement with difficult texts, while at the same time assuring all of us who love books that, whatever our literary tastes or predilections, and for better or for worse, we’re all in this together.” Steven W. Beattie, That Shakespeherian Rag

“[T]he book’s dark comedy and witty language play directly into its themes to make the satire sting . . . There’s a lot to enjoy here.” Micah Toub, Quill & Quire

“[A] misfit’s revenge fantasy…crackling plot and quirky characters…no Shelf Monkeys will be targeting Redekop for crimes against literature.” Bob Armstrong, The Winnipeg Free Press

“It’s a savage and funny book, like Fahrenheit 451 meets Revenge of the Nerds, with a little Oprah’s Book Club mixed in. It’s a Fight Club for bookworms.” Quentin Mills-Fenn, Uptown Magazine

“Very funny. This satire has enough snooty literary Schadenfreude to satisfy even the most seasoned bibliophile.” Nathalie Atkinson, Chatelaine

“[A] savage satire on literary snobs, a pabulum-lapping public and talk-show hosts as deities…[T]here’s no mistaking Shelf Monkey’s subversive brilliance.” Rod Lott,

“Howlingly funny debut novel…if you love books and really need a good laugh in your life, track it down, read it, and then shelve it next to some really serious books which will then automatically lighten up.” Andrew Armitage, Owen Sound Sun Times

“The dialogue is thoroughly witty, the style is quite original . . . will have you laughing out loud in recognition. Let’s put it this way: if you hate the [obscenity deleted] Da Vinci Code, this book is totally for you!” Richard Rosenbaum, Broken Pencil