The bibliophile visits the Biblio File

Micro BookDuring a brief visit to Ottawa last year, I gave what turned out to be one of the last readings at the great, sadly now-lamented independent bookstore Collected Works. I had a fine evening, everyone was great, I left with a warm feeling in my heart that turned out to be gas, but still, I felt good.

One of the audience members was Nigel Beale, creator/maintainer of The Literary Tourist and The Biblio File, both great Canadian literary blogs and podcasts. If you want to know where the closest and/or best bookstores are, The Literary Tourist is indispensable.

As Nigel’s request, we sat down for a lengthy interview that covered my book, Canadian politics, sexual relationships, and much more. Plus, it revealed how often I swear. Gotta watch that.

Anyhoo, the entire interview is available for a listen and download here. Or, alternatively, you could subscribe to Nigel’s podcast, one well worth listening to. With a past lineup of interviews with such luminaries as Patrick deWitt, Terry Fallis, Charlotte Gray, Johanna Skibsrud, and many more, I am by far the least impressive person on it. So if you like me, you’ll love the show. And if you hate me, well, it only gets better.