A Four Author Tour! (sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island) – First stop, Moncton

Update #1 – 12:30 pm, Thursday, November 1, 2012

An unpromising start. Due to a mishap in speed-reading, I have inadvertently booked a car through Discontent rather than Discount. The result being, my asked-for standard automobile turned out to be this:

This would be fine if we were the new A-Team, or perhaps had a wise-cracking great dane as furry companion, but for authors used to the finer things (as all Canadian authors are, being as we are constantly gifted with champagne, caviar, and Lamborghinis), we are heartily unamused.

Nevertheless, being both Canadian (itself an invaluable asset in all situations) and authors of the hardy variety (both physical, and Joe and Frank), we shall soldier on. Chris Gudgeon has proved himself invaluable so far, using his immense upper body strength to hold the van aloft while Barry Webster and Ian Colford replaced a flat tire. I, as unofficial chronicler of our adventures, stood to the side and took notes, not willing to risk my journalistic integrity or get my hands covered in muck.

Our arrival in Moncton has been leaked to the press, and we have been met at the outskirts of town by villagers in peasant garb wielding torches and pitchforks. I choose to take this as a pleasant welcome to their fair hamlet.

Chris and Barry are currently sleeping in the back, huddled together for warmth. Ian has ventured outside to rustle up some food; I can see him stalking a pair of squirrels in the park beyond. I remain optimistic for our chances to survive and thrive in this godforsaken CanLit wilderness, although I am running shy of Starbucks coffee, and my temper is already beginning to fray.