The 2015 Sunburst Awards, Longlist Edition

It’s been quite the enjoy­able slog, but the results are final­ly in. After months and months and months of read­ing sub­mis­sions — and some very fine sub­mis­sions they all were — I, along­side fel­low jurors S.M. Beiko, Ger­ard Collins, Paula Johan­son, and Sher­ryl Vint, have final­ly arrived at the full longlists for The 2015 Sun­burst Award.

From the offi­cial web­site:

The Sun­burst Award for Excel­lence in Cana­di­an Lit­er­a­ture of the Fan­tas­tic is a juried award which rec­og­nizes excep­tion­al writ­ing in three cat­e­gories: adult, young adult and short sto­ry. The awards are pre­sent­ed each fall to the best Cana­di­an spec­u­la­tive fic­tion nov­el, book-length col­lec­tion, or short sto­ry pub­lished any time dur­ing the pre­vi­ous cal­en­dar year.

Named after the first nov­el by Phyl­lis Gotlieb (1926–2009), one of the first cel­e­brat­ed writ­ers of con­tem­po­rary Cana­di­an sci­ence fic­tion, the award is a cash prize of $1,000 for each of the Adult and Young Adult cat­e­gories. All awards are pre­sent­ed with the dis­tinc­tive Sun­burst medal­lion. The awards are pre­sent­ed in the fall of each year.

The offi­cial press release is found here, but if you’d rather not click the link, I’ll also list the nom­i­nees we arrived at below. Expect updat­ed short­lists in a few weeks, fol­lowed by an announce­ment of the win­ners some­time there­after.

So, with­out fur­ther much ado about some­thing awe­some:

Adult Fiction Longlist, Sunburst Award

Pas­toral by Andre Alex­is
The Bro­ken Hours by Jaque­line Bak­er
The Troop by Nick Cut­ter
Con­sumed by David Cro­nen­berg
Suf­fer the Chil­dren by Craig DiLouie
The First Prin­ci­ples of Dream­ing by Beth Goo­bie
Head Full of Moun­tains by Brent Hay­ward
Irreg­u­lar Verbs by Matthew John­son
The Back of the Tur­tle by Thomas King
Gifts For the One Who Comes After by Helen Mar­shall
Cloud by Eric McCor­ma­ck
Knife Fight and Oth­er Strug­gles by David Nick­le
Ember­ton by Peter Nor­man
Lock­step by Karl Schroed­er
Cycling to Asy­lum by Su J. Sokol
Silence For the Dead by Simone St. James
Sta­tion Eleven by Emi­ly St. John Man­del
My Real Chil­dren by Jo Wal­ton
Echoprax­ia by Peter Watts
Will Star­ling by Ian Weir

Young Adult Fiction Longlist, Sunburst Award

Sea of Shad­ows by Kel­ley Arm­strong
The Night Gar­den­er by Jonathan Aux­i­er
Got­ti­ka by Helaine Beck­er
Tin Star by Cecil Castel­luc­ci
The Voic­es in Between by Char­lene Chal­lenger
Guardian by Natasha Deen
Child of a Hid­den Sea by A.M. Del­la­m­on­i­ca
A Breath of Frost by Alyxan­dra Har­vey
Sophie, In Shad­ow by Eileen Ker­naghan
Sev­en Wild Sis­ters by Charles de Lint
The Bound­less by Ken­neth Oppel
The Paper Sword by Robert Priest
Zom­boy by Richard Scrimger
Radi­ant by Kari­na Sum­n­er-Smith
The Door in the Moun­tain by Caitlin Sweet
Song of the Sword by Ed Wil­lett

It’s been a true plea­sure going through the moun­tains of sub­mis­sions (final tal­ly was north of 150 entries), and the only regret we tru­ly have is that we must choose a win­ner. But have no fear, that announce­ment shall be com­ing.