2013 in review, part one: me, me, me

Since this is the end of 2013 (if you fol­low the “tra­di­tion­al” cal­en­dar — I’m more of an Aztec sun­di­al sort of hip­ster), it seems appro­pri­ate, nay, required! to pro­vide you, the inter­web surfer kind enough to drop in (like­ly because of the meta tags cute kit­ten pup­py slip­per I’ve added), with some thoughts con­cern­ing the last 12 months of lit­er­ary­ness.

Per­son­al­ly and pro­fes­sion­al­ly, this has been the most ass-kick­ing­ly reward­ing year I’ve had as an author. While 2012 would be at any oth­er time nigh-impos­si­ble to top — Husk debuted to fan­tas­tic reviews and end-of-year Top Ten lists; my read­ing at Winnipeg’s Thin Air Fes­ti­val eas­i­ly qual­i­fies as one of the fun­ni­est nights I’ve ever had; I appeared at Toronto’s Inter­na­tion­al Fes­ti­val of Authors along­side Robert J. Sawyer, Cory Doc­torow, Andrew Pyper, Laris­sa Andrusyshyn, and Jo Nes­bø, and met (and geeked out at) Chi­na Mieville — 2013 gave me this:

In this pho­to, Corey Redekop (seat­ed right) attempts to scan the mind of not­ed author Mar­garet Atwood (cen­tre) via telepa­thy. The novice was ill-pre­pared to take on such as she, a Lev­el 7 Can­Lit Jedi. Sec­onds after this pho­to­graph was tak­en, his skull implod­ed. Author Made­line Ash­by (seat­ed left) remained calm, and sur­vived the event with only minor injuries.

Yes, at the Kingston Writ­ers­Fest, I appeared onstage as a fel­low author (a peer, if you will, because I will) with Mar­garet Atwood. Even bet­ter, Writ­ers­Fest orga­niz­er Mer­i­lyn Simonds tells me that Ms. Atwood rec­om­mend­ed me for the event. Which if true is a blast of pure elec­tro­gasm to my soul, and if false is real­ly, real­ly mean. Like, evil mean.

Either way, there remain two sol­id truths:

  1. Mar­garet Atwood is slum­ming; and
  2. I hit a career high point.

Beyond that (and believe me, that alone puts 2013 in the run­ning for best year ever), appear­ances at the Writ­ers­Fest and the Ottawa Writ­ers Fes­ti­val expand­ed my list of per­son­al Can­Lit BFFs with some of the best authors this grand expanse of snow and ice has to offer. David Nick­le, Made­line Ash­by, Thomas King, Saleema Nawaz, Cordelia Strube, Andrew Kauf­man, Jason Her­oux, Cather­ine Bush, Dou­glas Glover, Carsten Stroud, Steven Hay­ward, Helen Humphreys, Mar­cel­lo Di Cin­tio, Glenn Dixon, Wayne Grady, She­lagh Rogers (who hugged me, and it was as glo­ri­ous a moment as has ever occurred in the his­to­ry of everything)…the list goes on and on.

To find myself even remote­ly con­nect­ed to such as these is an immense plea­sure. To be con­sid­ered a peer (more or less)? That is an hon­our and a half.

Next post: 2013 in lit­er­a­ture, i.e. the books I read.